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Had a great day...


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My father in-law is our displays biggest fan. He has been decorating since I've been with my wife for almost 20 years and he just loves the dancing lights. :(

A while ago I told him I had something special for him for Christmas and he looked puzzled. Today I stopped by with 1,600 multicolor lights, a ground rod, and a 10' piece of EMT. Oh, and of course the Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas. (we tried it last year, thus the reason we are LOR this year) :D

Took a little under 3hrs but he now has a 10' tree with 1,600 lights being controlled by 4 channels of Mr. Christmas. We controlled 2 sets of spiral trees with the other 2 channels.

I have to say... the day was as fulfilling(or slightly more even) as when we finally worked out our display. The absolute JOY this man had almost brought a tear to my eye. He stood in the middle of his road and just kept saying "HOW BEAUTIFUL! LOOK AT THAT... BEAUTIFUL!!!" :D

Needless to say I told the wifey her Dad deserved at least 16 channels of LOR for Christmas next year. I'm already throwing ideas around for his display with roof lights and some other things. He teaches ballroom dancing and sings in a band(Big Band style) so I have some ideas for the music to use... he's gonna love it!

Sorry for babbling, but it really was a great day!


BTW, of course today was only ~15F and the wind was gusting to 40MPH... worth every ounce of freezing I caught!

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That's awesome. I miss helping my parents with Christmas lights. Maybe I'll head over to my Inlaws this weekend and hang some lights...


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