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Timings? Things not playing in show


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Sigh. I have over 1000 LOR channels, and more than 125,000 LED lights. If someone were to give me anything close to a fair price and would come take this stuff away tonight so I never had to look at it again, I'd jump at the chance.

But, with people sitting in the street wanting some type of show, I move forward.

Using S2, beat wizard at 8X speed for my timings, I did a halloween show that worked fine. For some reason now, though, towards the end of my sequence when things are moving at approximately 0.04-0.05 second timings, things just stop moving. The same channels/controllers are working earlier in the sequence fine, but rapidly going back and forth with on/off seems to not work.

Is there an easy fix or can someone at least get me on the right track? Right now, with the show doing only "some" of what is sequenced, this actually looks worse than one of those Menards $100 controllers.


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In one of my other "help me!" posts with another problem, a user pointed out that partially defined channels might be the problem. I did indeed have 5 channels that said "light-o-rama controller" but did not have a channel defined. As soon as I fixed that, everything worked perfectly again!


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