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Argh!!!! - Lor II issues.


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Ok, reinstalled Lor II, 2.016 because of com port issues, now when starting any of the Lor 2 stuff I get a message stating - Please wait, while windows iconfigurers


I have done lor registry wipe and this does not resolve. also when setting up a schedule, music plays, but does not control the units. any ideas.

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For the benefit of anyone finding this thread in the future, the "microsoft install clean -up" mentioned here is the "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility", which is a Microsoft-published tool. An installer for the tool can be found here:

The typical cause of this problem (where you get a message like "Please wait while Windows configures Light-O-Rama" whenever you try to run something like the Sequence Editor) is that something went wrong during the install process, and the program is in some funky state where it's kind of half-installed.

To fix this, close all of your running programs, especially LOR programs, including the LOR Control Panel in your system tray, and then run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

It should present you with a list of your installed programs. Select any and all "Light-O-Rama" entries on the list, and tell the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to clean them up.

After it finishes, reinstall Light-O-Rama.

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