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lights dont go off at end time


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I am using a 16ch unit, 3rd year, upgraded to the 2.016. I’m having trouble with my shows. I want my shows to start every 30 min at the top and bottom of each hour between 6 and 9 pm. I have 6 musical sequences that run about 14 min. I want all the lights to stay on after the sequences finish and to go off before the next show starts. This year I cannot seem to get this to work.

I down loaded the SSB filler files and if I use the SSB it places an animation file at the end of the musical sequences. This is a 60 min file. So the show starts at 6pm, plays the musical sequences for the 14 min, then all the lights come on for an hour, leaving the next show starting at 7:15pm.

My question is why does the SSB handle the files in this manor, what is the correct way to make this work? I’ve read the tutorials and several contradicting posts concerning the proper way to do this. Some say put the animation file under the animation tab and some say to put it under the musical tab at the end. Is this the version that is supposed to STOP any sequence at the end time? Why does the animation sequence keep playing after the stop time when its placed under either tab?

Thanks in advance


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Despite what the documentation says, in version 2.0.16 an animation sequence placed in the musical tab will act just as a musical sequence. That means when the end of your show comes calling, the animation sequence will finish, just like a musical.

Bob has mentioned this is a bug, and is already corrected in the next version (not yet released.)

Since the animation and musical tabs run at the same time, you can't use them both in the same show. Thus, in order to achieve what you are wanting to do, you will have to create two shows, on musical, one animation. You'll have to schedule your musical show so that it only plays the rotation once, then schedule your static/animation show to run the remainder of the time.

See my post in this thread for more information.

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Since the animation and musical tabs run at the same time, you can't use them both in the same show.

I might be misunderstanding what you're saying, but:

You can have sequences in both your animation section and your musical section.

However, only animation sequences (not musical sequences) can go into the animation section, while both types of sequences can go into the musical section.

Also, note that it's generally not a good idea to have two sequences trying to control the same channel at the same time, so if you put a sequence into your animation section, make sure that it does not have any channels that are also present in any of your background section or musical section sequences (or, if you select "play concurrently", in any of your other animation section sequences either).

A similar rule of thumb applies to sequences in your background section.
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