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New 2nd Controller this year and problems......


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Hello all....

Yes, I'm a newbie too. My first year to animate was last year with a 16-channel controller and 7200 lights. This year I wanted to take it a little further and purchased another CTB16PC and dedicated it to a 16-channel mega tree! However, I'm having a problem. I've got my sequences written, but today, in trying to get all the electrical hooked up, I can't get the LOR HW Utility to recognize the 2nd controller.

I've read on the sheet that there is a dial inside the controller that allows you to select the unit ID. Argh! There is NO dial inside of either of my controllers! Am I going off the deepend here? I know there is something I'm missing, but I'm at my wits end..... HELP!!!


These are my two youtube videos of my house last year...

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The PC Series controllers don't have the switches to set the unit IDs. These have to be set or programmed by connecting a PC or laptop to the controller.

You would use the controls in the lower left corner of the Hardware utility window (Set Unit IDs)...Once you get the unit IDs set, then you should be good to go....


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