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With 1 panel at 200w it takes about 11 hours to charge. AC takes a solid hour. I have 2 panels so I should be able to get the solar charge time down to maybe 6 or 7 hours.

I have tested with simple devices, mostly USB items. AC items include a lamp, fan, and things like that. This weekend I will be testing out the projector and speakers to see how well it handles. After I get some stats with that, I will start to play around with the controllers for the show and see what it can do.

The quality of the generator is great. It's about the size of a small ice cooler and weighs about 30lbs or so.  Now the solar panels are awesome. Unfolded they are about 6ft in length. Once you are done, they fold up into this little hard case with a handle. Very nice and makes for some easy storage.

If it can run my air fryer for a couple hours, I will be in hog heaven!

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