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Channels/Props in Group Not Showing On Grid

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S5 5.6.8 Pro & all LED

I've sequenced many songs over the last month up to yesterday & started a new one today & only 4 of my 6 Stars are showing filled cells on the Grid when sequencing by Group (they will all do the same thing). Didn't have this problem with any other sequences. All props are checked in the Group Preview. I made no changes to any props or groups. Any ideas on why this is happening?  Thx!

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Found my answer by experimenting but still not sure why it matters.

Originally sequenced a segment of 1 star to see if the timing was good & when it was, I copied & pasted from the group to extend it instead of pasting the line from the star prop to the Group line. Apparently it doesn't like copy & pasting under Group.

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