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Adjusting pixel start and order in prop in S5


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Hey all,  I’ve been out of the game for many years after falling off of a 2 story roof and acquiring a health fear of heights. But got the itch again and to over come my fear, I had Jellyfish lights installed on my home so I never see a roof again.   I put lights around my windows and everything.  Then I wired in a pixie8 and installed a switch where I can toggle between jellyfish control and LOR control, it was quite a fun little wiring project, and is working great.  My only problem is the lowest number (starting) pixels on my windows from the installs are not consistently in the right spot around my window.  I have each as its own prop, but want to make the prop start in the middle top or bottom of the window, so as I make motion effects I can turn each window into a type of dancing arch or square.  In older versions of the software I would have just rearranged the pixels in my display and done chases, but now with S5 I don’t know how to reorder them as we don’t create individual RGB channels for each pixel.    Any help would be appreciated.

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Here is a quick video about my setup.  I can do a more detailed/technical one later.


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I'd create a a group for each window with the correct pixels in each group. Then I would place the groups in order in the sequencer view. You can drag them wherever you want in the view.   Then  create your chase for each window or all the way across all the windows, as if they all start from pixel 1.

That's how I set up my five point stars for the top of my firestick. The star is a single strand of 50 bullet pixels. Each point starts on a different pixel, so I created a group for each point with correct pixels and placed them in order in the sequence view. It was easy to program each point in order clockwise or counter clockwise order. The star is also layed out in two rows, so I created a group for the inner ring and the outer ring, which allowed me to program an effect of a small star to a bigger star and back. After finishing, I realized that I can actually create an even smaller center group and have that effect go from the center to the inner ring to the outer ring. So, I guess I have some work to do for next year!

I hope you can understand what I trying to say. I think if you dive into creating groups, you'll see what I'm doing.  



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