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I currently have 4 of LOR singing tree's. My question is, if I wanted to add an additional singing tree that they would still work together. Please ask me if you need anything more information. Thank you 

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As long as you have open ID's, should be no problem.

  I only have 2 of the original LOR trees, and I DO NOT USE the default ID's, I am using 4 ID's for them, and I am using a Pixie4D to control them, not the original Pixie2D controllers they came with.

I think the ID's I am using are Pixie4D starts with ID6, so Ralphie is on Ports 1 and 2 (ID's 6 and 7), Zuzu is on Ports 3 and 4 (ID's 8 and 9).

So, yes you can add as many trees as you like, as long as you have dual ports and ID's for each one added.

Quite simple actually.



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