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OK, did I miss something? Does DMX-1000 work or not-work with v6.2.18 Pro? I can make it work in the "HU" but not in the sequencer.

I used the "HU" to set the default name to "E1" instead of "E0" as someone suggested, just to take it out of legacy mode. But I can't for the heck of me get it to work with the sequencer.

I know it is discontinued. So does that mean it no longer works with the latest software? Just asking, so that if I need to change direction, what is it?

I am sending signals over the Donner wireless system, and love the ease of use there. Hate to give it up.

My primary reason to have DMX is to control Moveable head lights, and Lasers.

Please don't beat me up too bad here.

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When something (e.g. a version 1 CTB16PC) works with the hardware utility but not with the sequencer (or playing a show) it usually means it is connected to an enhanced Light-O-Rama network (ELOR).

ELOR started with S4 in 2015. The latest firmware for the iDMX-1000, 1.50, is dated May 2017 so it should be ELOR-capable, but perhaps you have an earlier firmware.

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Yes, the iDMX-1000 does support ELOR (may require a firmware update.


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I used an IDMX-1000 this year with LOR 6.2.18Pro without issue.  It is running on a regular network.  I have never changed the original Address from E0.

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