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Changing Prop Definitions


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So if I get the 32 x 50 pixel tree package and switch it to a 16x100 view because I want to go with a 16' mega tree and feel like 32x50 is useless for me bc I'll only have a 180* view on it that would just be updated in the software and already written/purchased sequences would adjust to that after I update the size in the settings.... Just want to make sure thats doable before jumping onto it that way otherwise I'll go 16x50. Also does LOR have sales at anypoint throughout the year?

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The LOR Sequences use Motion Effect Rows - with that said, the Tree size does not matter, just Define the Tree according to its layout....

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Going from a 32x50 to a 16x100 prop, it will transfer with no editing needed unless there are custom motion effects rows in the old prop. Custom ME rows will have to be edited to match the new set up. for Example. If the 32x50 has 32 ME rows, one for each 50 pixel string, The Motion effects on the 32 rows will not transfer to the new 16 x100 pixel ME rows correctly. you will have to create 16 new ME rows to match the new 100 pixel strings. Basically any Custom Motion effects row in the old prop will have to be edited to match the new one. 


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