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Merry Christmas Everyone.


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2 minutes ago, Dennis Laff said:

Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum.

All of the nice guys come out in these nice holiday threads!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. 

I'm not on here much anymore... usually just a few posts around the display season to help with a minor issue... but I've been using LOR since it came out in 2003 and continue to do so. For awhile I was two-timing, generating pixel effects with xLights and copying them into LOR, but I'm thrilled that with S5 and S6 I no longer need to do that. LOR is a great software (and hardware) product and hope it continues to thrive.

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Better late than never....a Belated Merry Christmas & hope everyone enjoyed.

Thanks to all who helped me this year!!! Finally had my 1st Halloween & Christmas shows (on a street with hardly any traffic) but friend, a few neighbors & family enjoyed it, along with myself, on multiple occasions. Did notice 2 short stops by cars on a very, rainy nasty Christmas night.

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