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xLights import and Channel Configuration


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Hello all!!

I have a mega tree sequence created in xLights.  Was able to convert it to .lms file with no problem. When I open in the Sequence Editor (S6), it opens all of the channels (4000+) and I cannot figure out how to match the channels with LOR.  I have watched/read several tutorials but all of them reference importing Channel Configuration in S5, or previous versions, but I am unable to find the Channel Configuration feature in S6.

Anyone have insight for how to match/map the channels when opening a xLights to LMS converted sequence?

Thanks for any help and Happy Holidays to you all!!!


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what size was that tree - 16x100? 32x50?

as 4800 would be the Channel Count for those size tree's

(1600 Pixels with the 3 Color Channels Expanded)

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