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Loop Level questions

Vince LeGrand

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I have recently upgraded to LOR version 6.  It is very different from previous versions.  I only do simple animation sequences.  I do short sequences of 30 seconds to 1 minute and then loop them.  In previous versions there was virtually no limit to how many times you could loop a sequence.  I sometimes looped a simple 30 second sequence hundreds of times so a show would run for hours.

In version 6 it appears that you can only loop a sequence a maximum of 100 times. 😟  I know that I can have multiple loop levels to extend the overall show time.

My question is: Can I have 2 loop levels each being a loop for the entire length of the sequence?  So, for example, on a 30 second sequence, if I set Loop 1 to loop the entire sequence 59 times, the show would play for 30 minutes.  If I set Loop 2 to loop the entire sequence 5 times, will the show play for 3 hours?

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If you have a single 30 second or 60 second animation sequence in your show, it will repeat for the length of time you have the show scheduled. Just uncheck the "turn off lights" part when creating the show.

No need to loop things just to make a sequence longer.

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That's fine if you have the animation run for the entire show.  However if the animation only runs for part of the show, that is not a viable option.  In my case, in my landscaping overnight show, I have an animation that is triggered by a light sensor (the sun is up), that turns on a relay that kills the rest of the show.  The animation is 2 minutes long and 100 repeats is long enough for the worst case time from sun up until the show is scheduled to end.  However I THINK I had it set for a longer number of repeats originally.  Looking at the .loredit file in Notepad from some S5 version (January of 2021), it appears that it was 100 loops at that time.  I don't have an older version of that sequence still around.


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