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i have not been able to get anything to work with this S6 software. i can light everything through the hardware side of the system. what  i have not been able to do is the software side. i wanted to keep it simple so i bought ready to go sequences and the required music. everything worked the last couple of years until i had to upgrade because my old pc would not support new changes in software. i had windows 7 moved to 10. downloaded new software because of non support on lor upgrades. upgraded license to standard S6 6.2.18. now i cant get anything to work. i tried the help desk said the onedrive was messing up the program so i deleted off pc never used it anyway. i tried several times to do a preview and can never get the music to work with it. tried to build a show with just one song and animation it will show in the player but it will not start or play even with the on demand setting. really unhappy that my light show is dead this year. you tube has not been helpful. not sure where to turn. i has happy with the old version plug and play this is not that.

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On 12/9/2023 at 10:54 AM, sysco said:

you are saying            standard S6 6.2.18. license    should be pro

No reason he can't have a Standard level license with 6.2.18...

Just limited on number of controllers and some features....


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