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Getting ready for 2024 sequencing


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Spent the day on the sequencing computer cleaning!  Show is running great on it's own machine out in the workshop.  All the show sequence / music files are named and stored, Audio and Sequence folders are emptied, Previews are cleaned up and adjusted to where things ended up in the yard (we like the current layout so will be used next year with additions)

All 3 backup locations are labeled for the 2023 files

I like starting with a clean slate!  Anybody else do this?  

Also on a different note, I had so many problems last year with fades flashing instead of fading, DMX dropping out, LOR channels dropping out and reappearing or not, on sequences that have been used many years without issue.  Turns out the show computer was failing last year and I didn't realize it.  Not sure what was failing on it, but it finally got so bad after Christmas it wouldn't even bring up chrome.  We replaced it earlier this year with a refurbed business machine and the same show files are now working flawlessly and the whole show has had zero issues since we started thanksgiving night.  Best $130 amazon purchase ever!

Hope everyone's shows are going good!  

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I also try to cleanup everything before the show starts. I also create a new folder for the the current year. I sequence on one computer and the show runs on another. For me the current year folder is all I work out of on both computers.

I feel your pain on the computer problems, I built a new one for last year and it ran fine. Fired it up this year and it ran a couple of days and after a couple of crashes, I am waiting on new mb. Currently running my garage computer for the show computer.


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