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Need to change where LOR Looks for files

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Need help!
When I moved files to a new computer, Windows automatically set the default to look for files inside on One Drive. My sequences are not there. They are in My Computer C: drive in the normal Documents\Sequence folder. I have gotten to the LORPOST screen that will allow me to change the place files are stored and where LOR looks for them.   I want to store sequences in my C:\ drive on my computer. I have no idea what to do. I don't want to type in the wrong thing and create more problems. Can someone please tell me exactly what to do from this point. I need to know what to type in to make LOR look in Documents\Sequences on this computer. Please help, Thanks
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The default from Microsoft is to have the "Users" Folders Sync'ed with OneDrive.... thus the default placement > OneDrive\%Username%\Documents\Light-O-Rama

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