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Wow lights - output order for 12 output pixel tree

Rusty K

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So I purched an LOR controller through Wow Lights who packages pre programed sequences for all their controllers. I have everything working but the outputs are incorrect on my tree. They are not simply 'reversed'. I have connected (from left to right) 50 pixel strip 1 to Input 1 (on the controller, pixel 2 on input 2, etc. All the way through 12. I have 16 inputs and have left 13-16 abandoned in this example. 

The left and right ~4 strands (so 1-4 & 9-12) appear to be correct but the middle 4 appear to be jumbled. I've tried a few different combinations with no luck. I only make it worse. 

Any advice to test from my sequencer possibly? Using version 4.4(?) because that's all my current license supports. 

Thanks in advance. 

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You should be able to test all of that in 4.4 using the hardware utility and click the pixel consol.  

when that comes up you need to put in your unit id again.   Remember to do your math!    If your unit of your pixel controller is 20  then the first string or port 1 is 20 and the second string is 21.   Use those numbers in the pixel console.   

This will help you figure out where your labeling became mixed up. 

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Awesome!! Yes this was the help I needed. For others reading this post, in addition to clicking into the Pixel Control, I needed to toggle my controller type to DMX pixel E1. 31, make sure the comm listener was on and had control of the Regular Port and toggle the universe to 13-16 (universes used to control my pixel tree). 

Thanks BobO !! 

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