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Motion Effect Row Issue


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I'm going to try to explain this as best as I can. I tried through the help desk but I guess I confused them. I create all of my motion effect rows at the preview level. I have purchased some LOR RGB PLUS sequences. For the singing faces that I use, I can't use the tags I have to add the actually sequenced effect to the proper mouth movement manually. I have a couple of issues but to focus on one, on my snowman I removed a curve on the face that was part of the outline. I edited it in the preview effect rows not at the sequence level. I even assigned the sequence to a different preview and back to my preview. The change does not come through to the sequence. I've attached a video of what I'm talking about. There is no audio but I use the mouse to circle what I'm referring to. When I open the prop definition from with in the sequence it even shows up correctly but it does not play correctly. I feel like this is possibly some time of bug in the software but not for sure. So I guess my ultimate question is do I really have to start all over or change the sequence preview to a different one and then back to the one I want to get it to pull in the change? Is that purposely designed like that or is there a different way of doing it? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qcq6uybK2MQuDJ1FJqiKKqktByWDzXGr/view?usp=sharing

Only way I could share the video from snagit is to share it through google drive so that you have some reference as to what I'm referring to.

I'm using LOR 6.2.18 pro

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I think I know what you are running into as I also like to define all my motion effect rows in the preview (do it once and let each new sequence have it).

And like you, if I modify the default motion effect row in the preview, it doesn’t reflect in the sequence. The cause is that data is copied when you create the sequence instead of being referenced. Because it’s copied, it doesn’t get the updates.

However, there is a way to sync it back up. But sadly it’s potentially very tedious, especially if it’s a prop that is repeated like an arch. To sync it, you need to open each sequence, right click the prop and choose manage effect rows. In the window that comes up, there is an option to merge defaults (preview). I can’t recall exactly, but I think this option might be in a drop down button now. After the merge, the preview change will now be visible.

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You were correct you open the sequence up. In the sequence you Right click on the prop. Go to manage motion effect. At the top under edit you click merge defaults.

This worked for me being I only made really one change The first sequence I did it actually added the prop rows and duplicated them for whatever reason but it worked since then.. Not sure why it did that but I go through it. Thanks for the help.

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