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Appears updated Preview is not being used instead running old Preview


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When I update a preview the revision level of the Preview is increment by a single letter; for example a copy of Preview Rev J was made in the sequencer and then renamed to Rev K.  Then opened a music sequence and assigned it to the updated Preview Rev K.  The sequencer page is updated to reflect the Rev K has been assigned. The difference between Rev J and K is that two strings (one white and one red) for the top roof which were assigned to Ch 1 and 2 and all remaining props were reassigned channels accordingly.  However, when I go to run the show on the computer before writing it to an SD card the light display runs in the same order as Rev J and the roof lights are don't even turn on.  Somehow it appears the old Preview is still attached, but I don't know how or why. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  By the way, I'm brand new to the LOR system and its capabilities. 

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Are you playing that sequence via the sequencer or the player? The player requires the rebuild of the player file itself for that sequence. If you assigned the new sequence using the edit pulldown and assigned it to the new preview, it "should" work.

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