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First Video of 2008


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I thought I was crazy working on this sequence cause it's so fast but, it was fun to do. I got inspiration from http://www.lindsaylights.com last year when they did the soundtrack to Pirate's of the Caribbean.

It was the first Video I shot in HD with my little point and shoot Digital Camera. Aside from it Fuzzing out on me a couple of times I was pretty impressed. I think the next videos I'll shoot I'll have all my lights on!!

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For some reason, the video is super slow streaming ... I can't run it even on a 7MB connection. But what I can see looks really great!

Can you tell me what kind of camera you used?


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I wonder if it's a Vimeo thing? I've tried it on a few different PCs so far and it seems ok?? Hmm.

Anyways, It was my Panasonic TZ5 Digital Camera. It has the ability to shoot in HD Video form. Which is really cool!!!! I just have to give it a little more light to stay focused next time.


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