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Daniel Mai

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Hello guys, Looking for some help and willing to pay to get my lights working, I am new to this and decided to purchase a few items to get me started. We went to Wow lights and purchase a mega tree and some arches plus some sequences. I have everything connected but I am unable to run any of the purchased sequences. I Have created a new test just to see if the tree works and it does.. Any help would be appreciated before I pull all of my hair out.


Plastic RGB Pixel Arch 4 Pack With Controller  

Adapter: Include USB485-HS


WowLights Pixie Pixel Mega Tree Package  

Extensions: Include 16 25ft Extensions

Sequence License: Home

Sequence Layout: Deluxe

WowLights Christmas Sequences:

We Wish You a Merry Christmas *

Santa Claus is Coming to Town *

Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite - Pro  

Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0


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18 minutes ago, Daniel Mai said:

but I am unable to run any of the purchased sequences

Are you getting an error message in the Player Log?

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"CAT5: No CAT5" per the ops statement. 

 How do you run a controller or show without some type of cat (5 or 6) cables?  How is that even possible?

What am I missing?

Just know I have to run cat5 or 6 cables to all my controllers or my show isn't going to do anything!  Not without some type of cat5 daisy chaining from one controller to another, and back to my Director, or computer.

How are they getting the software(sequences) to even talk to their controllers?

Did they even create a show from the software that makes everything work together?

Still think we're missimlng some info to be able to help with this issue.


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Hi Guys, Finally was able to get this working. The issue was I was at the basic level of the pre-purchased sequences and just needed to upgrade to the pro level to add my pixie lights to them.. Couldn't get the star to work though, Monday will be the day to find out what's up.  

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