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Need information on running multiple controllers


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I'm on the hardware side of a brand-new team at my school that's trying to make a light show using LOR parts, because this team is brand new and it's the first time the school's done anything like this we're starting from slightly better than nothing because one person has used vixen for something a lot smaller and simpler before. Almost all the information I have on the hardware side I've gotten from researching online and forum combing for the past 3-ish weeks, so my information on this isn't very strong. Originally we wanted to order a full assembly kit for the Pixie16, however, they were out of stock when we needed the order form turned in, so instead we went for getting 2 Pixie8s. My question is, can we use two Pixie8 controllers to work similarly or the same as a Pixie16, as in could we play one .fseq through two Pixie8s the same way we'd run it through a Pixie16? 

Extra Information (not sure of relevancy):

using Pixie controllers (obv); Using Vixen for sequencing; and using a Raspberry Pi with FPP to run the show.


Any relevant information is helpful, Thanks in advance!

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Just assign the next (Base) address to the next Pixie8, the sequence does not know if they are next to each other or across the field (under 4000' total network cable 😛 )

Pixies use the number of ID's as their number. If your first Pixie is ID 10, that uses 10-17 (HEX), set the next Pixie8 (base) to 18: uses ID 18-1F. 

Port 1 is the base (the one you set with switches or HU), the rest follow Port 2= 11, port 3 = 12 ...

I like to keep my ID's in the same MSB, makes it a lot easier to see goofs like 1C,1D,1E,1F,10,12,13,14   <<Not in ascending order. s/b 20.21,22,23,24

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Flag on the play!  FPP will output serial in LOR format, but max is 115K speed and in non-Enhanced format.  You would be massively limited to drive even one Pixie8 at 115K non-enhanced.  In fact, the Network speed webpage shows that the Pixie controllers won't even run at 115K speed.  You could in theory use E1.31 from the FPP and put a PixieLink E1.31 to LOR converter, but you said you already had to order some while back.


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