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LOR 5.6.10 help


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I’m in need of guidance in getting my system running

i had it running 2 years in a row with no issues now I’m on a new laptop and seem to hit a brick wall at every turn

using the hardware utility the com port is recognized

cant set unit id and when searching for network it just searches for ever with no results

if I hit any buttons it says not responding

i Won’t lie

im computer naive to say the least

if I can get someone to chime in

That would be great!!

im up to a phone call too if possible

thx in advance





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First, did you start the control panel first and the HW utility? What com port does it say? It may be as simple as a com port conflict with something else on your PC. How many controllers are you trying to discover?

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I just spent an hour and half on the phone with him and got everything working.  There were several issues that have been resolved.


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