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What are these RGB lights and controller worth?


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I've had these for a long time, I never used them in outside, did some testing with them years ago.  I don't have the cover to one of the small green boxes and don't have the screws for the other cover.

As you can see the controller I literally just took out of the packaging, it hasn't see light since the day I bought it.

I'll Post the pic of the controller on the next post.

Controller & Lights.JPG

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The green one is CB100D.   I still have 12 of them in a matrix in my show.  Last year I decommed 8.   When they came out it was amazing to control 100 pixels from a single controller.    I dont think its worth very much.



Do you have the pixels for the 8port pixie V2?   I see four wires,  are these 5V Square ?


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