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7 sequences, 3 with problems


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I have 7 sequences that run perfectly on a Win2000 box using Media Player 9. I installled the same version of LOR on my laptop running Vista and Media Player 11.

When the sequence plays (on the Vista Machine) it will rock along fine for awhile then the music will drop out. In some cases the sequence continues without error and the music will come back in and all is good. One other sequence locks up when the music stops and never comes back. The sequence continues to pay but no lights and no music. It eventually stops and when in show mode, the show stops. When in sequence mode the machine will just end normally?

I copied the sequences and audio from the machine that works. I can play the audio on the Vista box using just media player and it never misses a lick. 2 of the ill fated sequences where Ver 1 conversion and 1 was written native in S2. I have another that was written in S2 and its working fine.

Besides the differences in OS (Win2K vs Vista.. BTW I also tried running LOR in compatibility mode), Media player 9 and 11 there is one other difference. My laptop does not have a native serial port. I am using a USB to Serial adapter. Any issues possible with that?

I'm open to try most anything to fix this issue. I had to abandon my 500Mhz box that had been using. LOR II ran really slow (even in show mode), took several minutes to load between songs and finally I was using the 500 in a headless config. No mouse, keyboard or monitor. I was using VNC to connect and control it but VNC keeps crashing when LOR runs and it wont reconnect causing me to reboot. Anyone have any experiance with that?

I know this is a long post with a lot of questions, but I could sure use some help.

Merry Christmas,


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One thing that comes to mind that could be effecting you sequence is: make sure that all channels have complete information. If you have one channel that is defined as LOR controller but no unit or channel this has been found to create a problem.


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