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Looking for a kind soul to share an S4 sequence and if possible singing faces of the new Walker Hayes Christmas Like


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Hi All,

Just now getting to this ask.  Trying to get my display up and its not going fast due to some repairs I had to do, and slammed with work projects which is a good problem I guess.

I just heard Walker Hayes has a new song out to his Fancy music.   Would love it if a kind soul would share me something.


I have 2 singing faces, and a whole bunch of 8 channel controllers for some 8 channel arches, light string bars across the house, mini trees etc., so anything as a start I can add to and tweak.

Of course, I promise to not share your content with anyone unless you specifically give me permission to.   many have been kind to share and get me started, and to my knowledge I've upheld my end of the circle of trust in every case!


Thank you all!


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Hi I have arches but no singing faces. send me your email and I will send you a few of what I have. But by no means am i an expert.

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