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Pixie 16 controller stopped working with sequence, but tests fine


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We are setting up our Christmas show and adding to our existing Halloween props. The only changes we made were adding mini Christmas trees to the open ports on our Pixie 16 (ID 09) and adding an additional Pixie 16 daisy chained that will have our roofline RGB strands. Now, none of the props are working in our original Pixie 16. That includes our stakes and arches that were working just a week and a half ago in our Halloween show. The lights are working when I test each prop on that controller in the control panel. Thanks for any tips you can give.

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What are the LEDS doing?

If you press the white button, does the test pattern run. Do for both.

Check JP2 is NOT jumped (accessory power) (if your CAT5 is not perfect 1-1, it may cause issues.

Pixie16 uses 16 address You said 09  ? is that the port or LOR ID?  Remember HEXADECIMAL ... All switches OFF, the use HU to set

I also recommend Installing JP4 ONLY on the Last on the line, (remove on all others)  That terminates the cable to spec.




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You added a second Pixie16 on the network.  What network speed and enhanced or not enhanced?  How many pixels (not strings) are in use on each Pixie16? Not likely your specific problem, bu could be a show performance issue.


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