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Gilbert Engineering JOY and Believe Prop Definitions for LOR Pixels


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I purchased the Believe prop and the large Joy prop from Gilbert Engineering. I asked then for a LOR prop definition and looked on the props loaded in the preview and could not find one and what they sent me was an xlight export. So while I can get the prop visual, I have no idea how to align it to a controller and settings and keep drawing blanks. So I am hoping some one else has these used in LOR and can shoot me a prop to add to preview or add some guidance on what to do. 

The JOY prop is defined as follows: 284 node "JOY" designed for 12mm bullet pixels or mini lights.
J - 84 Nodes O - 102 nodes Y - 98 nodes (so what do you do when these are not numbers that fit LOR pixel counts?)

The Believe prop is defined as a 150 node Believe sign designed for 12mm bullet pixels. (now I can get a little closer here, but can I adjust one of the circuits on a controller to allow for 150 pixels?

I am eager for help. I am struggling to make this work on my own. 

Jim Hauck

Dallas Texas

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So you have the 2 props in your preview, but are not sure how this aligns with your controller?

You could populate JOY with 3 strings of 100 pixels each. With that approach, just set Max Circuits to 300 in Prop Definition.

Yes, Believe is 150 pixels - and you could do that with a single output from a controller. Though you would probably want to set the dimming curve to 50% or so.

For either prop, use the Wiring View to make sure you populate the holes in the coro the same way the prop is defined. In the Wiring View, make sure to set the view (front/rear) to match the way you are looking at the prop.


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