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Signing trees don't see in my playback


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Ok so I watched the video on auto sequencing the signing trees and followed it.  After I did the auto sequence and recorder the wav sounds.  Got all finished and can't see the trees signing in sequencer playback.  I could see the trees doing everything correct in superstar but when I went back to sequencer to watch playback I don't see them.  Any help would be great?  I'm very new to this and trying to learn it.


Thanks in advance 

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Just to make sure we're on the same page.  Your forum Profile shows that you have an Advanced level software license - is that correct?  What level of SuperStar license do you have?  You sequenced the singing faces in SuperStar.  Confirming that you opened SuperStar by creating a Motion Effects row in Sequencer, and then selecting some portion (or all) of the sequence timeline for that Motion Effects row and selected "Insert SuperStar Effects".  That would open SuperStar so you can do the sequencing.  When you exit SuperStar, it should have asked if you want to save the changes to Seqeuncer (I don't remember the exact wording) and confirm you answered yes.  After returning to Sequencer, it should show the Motion Effects row on.

Now, I answered your question based on the normal way of sequencing SuperStar in S6.  However, as I said earlier, your profile shows an Advanced level LOR software license which does not allow Motion Effects rows at all.  So, what is your reality?


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I followed the tutorial for programming the enhanced singing faces multiple times.  It seems as though Superstar will only program the original V1 mouth movements. Is there something i’m missing. 

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