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Data / Clock wire length for 12V Pixel 3 wire using WS2811 chip & Brightness


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Bare with me here ...  So lets say I have a string of pixels on one port. From controller to first pixel is anywhere from 10 to 15 feet (this has not been an issue in the past with a different line setup). From first pixel, there will be another 9 pixels for a total of 10 pixels with 6 inch spacing (lighted run of 5 FT)  then after the 10th pixel  9 FT of run with no lights then repeat the 5 FT of run with pixels and then 9 FT again with no pixels and so on for a total length of 117 FT and 85 total pixels, 83 pixels between first and last pixel.

Power injection is not an issue. That is easily solved if needed. Data / Clock wire is my concern. I seem to remember that you could use a F-Amp to boost the data or something about a null pixel that I saw in another post somewhere then these questions came up. Can a controller LOR or someone like Sandevice or Falcon be able to designate said null pixel? If going the F-Amp route, can more than one be used on the same string instead of just placing one in the middle of the line maybe insert two every third of the distance? What type of distance boost does an F-Amp provide and do they vary from manufacture to manufacture?  Any "loose" guide lines out there for this? Using multiple controllers in not an option. OR am I own my own this? Yes, I will be testing this on the ground but want to develop more of game plan then just going at it willy nilly :)


Then there is brightness.  Say I have string of 100 pixels, can I control each individual pixel's brightness or does it have to be the entire string at the same time? For an easy example, lets say for 50 lights are Blue at full brightness and then the next 50 blue as well but half the brightness, is that possible?



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What chip type are your pixel strings?  If they are the common WS2811, your 9 foot gap should not be a problem at all.  If it really is a problem, a F-amp does not require setting a null pixel in the controller.  If you use a pixel in the gap to regenerate the signal, it does count and even if the pixel controller can't designate a null pixel (most will), you can simply have the pixel not programmed.  Easy.

As for brightness, each pixel is individually controlled so any brightness or color that you want.

Edit:  guess I should have read all of the subject before answering...


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