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FPP and FSEQ Split Screen on display


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We're building a 1024 x 96 matrix using P5 panels. Each segment use 4 P5 (256px) wide x 3 P5 (96 px) tall on one color light card. There are 4 of these daisy chained right to left to make the 1024 x 96 matrix. All 4 have been configured using LED Vision and are working as one panel. We then setup a Pi 4 with fpp configured to 16 x 3 matrix with the start channel if 1 and the test sequence correctly identifies each panel. So far, so good...

I have a preview configured using 2 Matrices. Left Side is 96 strings x 512 nodes using universes 1-286 and a second matrix for the right side again using 96 strings x 512 nodes using universes 289-574. I then created a group with both matrices and created motion FX rows for programming. Whole Matrix Background, Center Matrix (allows for 7 pixel border around center) and Whole Matric Foreground. I created a simple 30 second animation and for whatever reason, the sequence splits the matrix in half. and does not play correctly on the panels.  Sequence should look like this but looks like this. I can't figure out how to embed pictures rather than links. Sorry I can't figure out how to embed pictures into the post.

Left Matrix, Right Matrix, Whole Matrix

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Try a preview with a single matrix prop that is 96 strings by 1024 pixels. From your description, this should match your configuration.

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Thanks Matt, I was pointed down the direction that LOR couldn't handle that many pixels in a preview/universes.  If t works it would be way better!! I just revised the preview and it exports universes 1-576. I will give it a try on the pi and display in the morning.

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