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I ask this every year, then forget the answer for the next year...


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My shows are about 20 minutes long and start every half hour. Between each show I run a tiny 30 second sequence called 'NoShow.las' that does some very basic stuff, and continually restarts until the next half hour increment where the show starts.

Anyway, each time the 30 second sequence cycles, it 'blinks'. All the lights go off, then on for a split second. It is very disctracting. There was some fix for this and I can't remember what it is. Any ideas?



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Create 2 shows, 1 for your animated show and 1 for your static show.

In your static show, put the sequence in the background tab. That will eliminate the blink every time it cycles.

Schedule your shows like this
6 to 620 animated show
620 to 630 static show
630 to 650 animated show
650 to 7 static show

you will want to schedule your animated show for just a little shorter than it actually runs or it will start to repeat. Technically you want the last sequence to be running when the alloted time runs out.

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I knew about the two shows, but forgot about putting the sequence in the background tab. That was the answer. Now where can I note that so I don't forget for next year. Does Dane still run the LOR Wiki? Maybe it should be there.


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