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Physical Lights on One of Six Units (Controllers) Don't Light Up

Mike Kady

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I have created a sequence that has six units (a float for an upcoming Veterans Day Parade). Unit 02's and Unit 04's channels are exactly the same. When creating the sequence, I built the sequence for Unit 02 first and copied each channel from Unit 02 to Unit 04. However, when I play the sequence, the physical lights connected to Unit 02 light up, but the lights connected to Unit 04 do not. The sequence on the computer shows Unit 04 playing. 
Some things to consider:
  • Unit 04 is connected to the network as well as the other five units, and I can manually turn on the physical lights of each channel plugged into Unit 04 through the Hardware Utility.
  • I have checked Unit 04's Prop Definition, and everything looks fine.
  • When playing the sequence, the channels of Unit 04 show activity on the far left side of the channel
  • Unit 04 and all of its channels are displayed in the Preview Window along with the other five units; however, it is not displayed in the Playback Window when I play the sequence. 
Any idea of what may be going on here?
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What controllers?

Are they all the same? And with the same firmware.

Is Unit 4 sequences always identical to Unit 2? change the ID of 4 to 2 (you just can't do HU stuff with both on the network)

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The controllers are not the same. They are all connected to the same network in series. The order in the series is:

  1. Pixie 16 named Unit 0A
  2. AC (CTB16PC) named Unit 02
  3. AC (CTB16PC) named Unit 03
  4. Dumb RGB (CMB24D) named Unit 14
  5. AC (CTB16PC)  named Unit 04 (the one I'm having issues with)
  6. AC (CTB16PC) named Unit 05

All are connected with CAT6. The firmware in each is up to date; however, the Pixie 16 and Dumb RGB use different firmware.

I pulled a spare CTB16PC controller off the shelf and connected it by itself, renaming it to Unit 04 with no change. I did manage to get Controller 04 to show up in the Playback Window, but the light string I've connected to 04-15 still won't light up. 




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Show the Prop Definition or String Summary for the Props on Unit ID 04

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When everything is hooked up what does the status light on controller do?  Solid, flashing or off?

Also, not related to this, but your Pixie 16 and CMB24 have overlapping IDs.  The Pixie 16 will use IDs 0A - 19.


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