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changing colors from one traditional string to another.

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I have tomato cage Xmas trees the color is white I added green lights to them. The problem I'm having is how do I change colors? I added the color to the prop in prop definition which is good but how do I change a color of a prop that is already credited in a sequence. I can change a row but I can't get just one item in the row to change. 

Thanks for any feedback, Rick.

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#1. What type controller are you using?  Standard AC as in a CTB16PC or RGB Controller, like a Pixie2/4/8/16?

#2. What type lights?  Standard 120VAC incandescent, Standard 120VAC L.E.D., or 5VDC or 12VDC RGB nodes?

#3. If standard 120VAC incandescent or standard 120VAC LED strings, did you add a 2nd string of all green lights?  Or did you just change out some of the white bulbs and replace them with green bulbs in the same string?

Knowing the answers to these few questions will help us know how to help you with the issue. 

But we need some addition details and info before we could help resolve your problem.

At best, the way it is, we can only guess at what you're actually trying to do.

More info will definitely help us to help you.

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#1. What type controller are you using?  3 CTB16PC Controllers

#2. What type lights?  Standard 120VAC incandescent

#3. 120VAC incandescent the prop has 2 strings of 100 white, added 2 strings of 100 green for a total of 400 lights.

I added the green strings so now it shows my white on one line and the green on a 2nd line  I attached a image.

Prop Definition 100323.png

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The color change effect will be between the two rows for the Prop (one row per color)... existing sequences will only see the sequencing for the color white, you will need to sequence for the color green....

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I don't understand, are you saying the program can't switch between the colors? When I try to switch to green I get a combo of white and green. I think what you are saying is I have to put green on its own prop definition page making the program think it's a separate tree.

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you have white and green defined as two separate AC channels - so 1 channel (01-11) will turn on White and the other (03-13) will turn on Green... In your Preview you will see either White, Green or Both on the same Prop, dependent upon the "On" Channels...

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Do yourself a favor and simplify the channel names to something like Mini Tree 1  Green Mini Tree 1 White.

Also do you realize the way you have it set up now is Unit ID (1 CTB16 Controller) as unit 1 Green and the White is totally a different AC controller called unit 3.

Much easier IMO to sequence AC min trees with multiple colors with each color of a mini tree channel on the same controller. For example Mini Tree 1 Unit 1 Channel 1 White, Channel 2 Green, Channel 3 Blue, Channel 4 Red. Therefore you eliminate having to go back and forth to sequence the colors.

The channel label would simply say Mini Tree 1 then open up to the different colors 1-16 or colors and another mini tree. If the latter the channel button would say Mini Trees 1-3 for example.

That eliminates the "default" channel labels that you have. You can accomplish that by unchecking "use the default channel labels" when setting up the prop and controller


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Your prop definition has "Type" set to "Channel per color". This means that your string of white lights will be plugged into a different socket (channel) on your CTB16PC. If this is the case, then you are probably only seeing white because you haven't done any sequencing on the [new] green channel.

On the other hand, if you have plugged the new green strings into the existing white strings so that you have white/green on one channel, then the "Type" in the prop definition needs to changed to "Multicolor string 1 ch".

A little bit off-subject, but if we assume that your new green strings are plugged into controller #3, when your existing white strings are plugged into controller #1, then it sounds like your controllers may be mounted together, and thus at some distance from the props. If this is correct, then you can save money, time, and storage by mounting the controllers close to the props they control, eliminating the need for a long extension cord for each channel.

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