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Hey guys, kind of a weird question but I am adding videos to our show this year and one of the songs we are doing is Katy Perry's Cozy little Christmas. There is a scene where my wife is having a cow where Santa and Katy are getting a message, and a little Katy butt is showing. I personally see nothing wrong with it, but she probably has a point with all the little kids. I know nothing about video editing. If anyone has can give me some ideas, or I can forward you the video if it's pretty easy. Any ideas would be great, her song has a really good vibe and the video is kinda fun.




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Use a decent video editing program to overlay the questionable area with a blur. Then export your newly created video to whatever format you require. Personally I use Nero but there are many different ones out there.

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Not sure if it is still available but I edit all my window projections on Win7 computer using Windows Movie Maker. Love it & very easy & free download from Microsoft; again if still available.

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