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Any Tricks for Inserting Square Pixels in 4 x 8 foot Matrix


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I am repurposing 2 600 node matrixes with 2 inch spacing,   into a single matrix with 1 inch spacing having a total of 2200 12 mm square nodes.

As you all know, it is a royal pain to insert the nodes. I purchased a tool that works fine for bullet pixels and some for inserting square pixels into strips.

I tried some of these tools on the 4 x 8 matrix but, so far I have not found a good way better than my fingers.

Does anyone have a good way or know of a tool that they found to insert them. 



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Deep (dense) pile carpet (remnant).

Put the matrix face down on the carpet. You can firmly press the node in the holes and the node lens will easily sink into the carpet.

And Gloves  (just did 347 bullets into PVC https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z6nsy-cUqoS-5j5zA171HXA02S0PLR_l/view?usp=drive_link

2" spacing

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A tight fitting pair of leather gloves is your friend. I have found using my hands is the fastest way to insert pixels but I always wear gloves to save my fingers.

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With square node I just use my fingers and press them in.  Sometimes on a stubborn one I'll use my thumb.

I have yet to find a suitable tool for square node insertion.

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