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Barn Doors (for 10W floods)


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The (LOR) 10W flood is a common size/shape from various vendors. Occasionally I find a need to limit where the light goes, thus the desire for a Barn Door that fits and is compact (I don't what one for a bigger light).

Any ideas if and where an affordable unit can be had?

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25 minutes ago, dgander said:

FYI these PAR20 are on Amazon


WAC Lighting, Par20 Barn Door for 178 or 188 Track Head in White https://a.co/d/3I89SSB

Those are quite Large (and round). I have LOR, HC and Quans (white) that I modified to allow dimming


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Ahh, you may have to make something, that's a small rectangle. I don't think B&H would have anything that small. 

You have those 4 screws in front, should be able to mount something. 

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I use strips of black electrical tape on the front glass on mine for my Halloween set up.  Works great, and easy to get off for the full effect for Christmas.

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