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I just purchased 4xWindow Frame from LOR. It comes with 200 lights per frame and the Mounting Trim strips are 7'9" each for a total of 93 lights to be attached to each mounting strip.

My windows are 3'x6' (18 feet=216 inches)

Can someone please explain in very simple terms, with pictures/drawings if possible, how I can build the PVC  or wood frames.  Can they also do the same on how to connect the mounting strips together for the required length and how to attach the lights.  I think that I will somehow have to attach multiple mounting strips together in order to get the total 216 inch frames and I don't know how to do this.

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Yes, you will have to Trim the Mounting Strips to Fit - so you will use 2 at 6' and one cut into two 3' mounting strips...

I believe the mounting strip has the pixels offset to one side - the other side with Ziptie hole is for attaching to a supporting frame - be it wooden or PVC

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