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Need help with preview design for P5 panels 3 high x 20 wide


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We're adding 2 sets for panels for a parade float. I have the hardware purchased from Wire Watts and it all has arrived. I can't seem to find any information how to create the preview for using these panels. the design we are building is for 3 panels high x 20 panels long. That would equate to a matrix that is 96 pixels tall x 1280 pixels wide for a total size of 122,880 pixels. There will be 2 of these matracies (1 for each side of the float). There is plenty of information for building the matrix and we have started doing that but there is nothing that I can find for the programming. I'm just looking for some direction. I've been using LOR for 12 years but this will be the first display doing something like this. This will be not part of the show and will be running stand-alone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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In the Preview it's just a horizontal matrix that is 96 high by 1280 wide.

I assume with that size of matrix, you are using a RasPi and ColorLight cards to drive it from FPP?

Since it will be stand alone, will you take the LOR sequence and export as .fseq file or files so you can play then directly from FPP?



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Yes that's the plan. there are 4 pi's in total. There will be some displays on the float also sequenced. The network config will be a little challenging since we're currently using a N4-G4-MP3 show director for running the current display. I have not done the homework but doubt that device can output E1.31 for the pi's. Thanks for the preview. That was easier than I expected. I did read one typically sequences on the universe level and now that makes sense.

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No, the Director won't output E1.31.  However, since the P5 panels will not be a synced part of the show, there is no need to.

I am going to assume there will be four RasPis (presumably two for each matrix -  each driving a ColorLight) because a single ColorLight can't drive a matrix that is 1280 pixels wide.  Assuming that is the case, that will require changing the prop because each matrix will now need to built as two props that will be side by side.

Therefore, what you will likely end up doing is export in .fseq files from Sequencer and load into the RasPis.  Then network then together and run in MultiSync so that they play together properly.  That way one FPP is the timing master and the others each have the sequence or sequences loaded on the Pi so that only timing sync needs to run on the network.

Note, I am NOT an expert on either ColorLight cards, nor playing sequences in FPP.  I did run a ColorLight card one year on my matrix about 6 years ago.


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