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Capturing timing on beat wizard


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I run a very simple 16 channel show with no pixels.  I am using older version 3+ of LOR software.  Curious on how to set the beat wizard to record different timings, say 12/8 and 3/4.  In the past most of the songs we have done have been 4/4 timing, and the beat wizard seems to work pretty well for that.  This year we are trying to do Manheim Steamroller's Masters in this Hall which starts as 12/8 timing, and I am having the dickens of a time trying to get the beat wizard to align up.

If my older version of LOR software won't handle this easily, it may be time for me to upgrade.  I am not familiar with newer versions capability.  Our interest is keeping our shows simple and do not plan to do pixels or videos.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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