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Newbie here, ? about Arches


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Hi everyone, im new here.

This is my first year, Learnin as much as i can to build bigger for next year.

Starting out with 1 16 chan LOR controller I think i did very well for my first year so far, but im so giddy and i want more things ;)

But my question is, I was thinking of buy a firefly arch

Will this work on my LOR controller and Software?

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yea i did read a lil bout it but this is what i found out

So download and install D-light program. Run it, go to the General Config. menu,use Comm port 1 (and I used a LOR comm port adapter, just fine also), press "Connect", active unit=1 ( my guess is that the number of devices you have connected-but purely a guess) and finally press "Set Address" to 0A in my case since I wanted it to start at 10 (LOR).

Next , you can test it under the 16 Ch. test tab. If the active unit is 0A, when you test your LEDs will be red, 0B they'll be Green, 0C they'll be blue-for the RBG colors like a color tv.

Lastly, you can get out of that program and fire up your sequence editor and put a test sequence to see if LOR will "light it up" and where you want the addresses to be.

Just remember to treat it as three consecutive controllers that you can vary those three colors intensities individually and when you put two or all three together you get their combined output for every color under the rainbow. This is going to make sequencing much harder, but the results should be worth it.

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lol good job,

Well this is my first year, so im only on 16 channels, tryin gto learn what i can use with ease..

During the following year i will be workin on some new projects and sequencing, order a couple more controllers, want to look as good as everyone else.

I keep going threw some changes atm, i was at Lowes today, evreything 50% off, so i bought a bunch of LEDs C5s, only cuz thats whut i see more people using.

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