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enhancement possibility Motion sequencing positions based on preview


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I have been playing with motion effects and i am brand new to it.  What I was hoping for is that there would be some intelligence to (in this way) it and maybe there is; I would like the sequencer to be able to allocate or guess where the prop is located.  for example if you break it into top 3 sections, middle 3, bottom 3.  that would help the sequencer to guess how to wipe left and right up and down.  it totally could be in there and because i am a noob at this it didn't come right up and search the motion rows field.  I put this in s5 software category because that's what i am working with at the moment. 

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Try creating a new prop group with all of the props in your entire preview and call it entire show. make sure you check the "use Preview" in the Arrangement box then set the resolution to what looks best. you can have an effect chase across your entire display up or down, left or right. Using this same method you can now create more groups as you described above where you can group all the props on the left side of the preview and then a group for the middle and finally a group for the right side. Also in each group you can set up multiple motion effects rows and depending on the resolution you can sub divide the group per custom motion effects rows. Groups can be a very useful tool once you understand all it's implication.

Have fun with it.

Kenny Jure

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