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Prop display not working from sequencer using control lights feature


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I have found a few chats about my similar problem, but none of them have helped me solve my issue.

My prop light up fine in hardware utility.  When I am in sequencer and try to use the control lights feature, I have the hardware utility closed, control panel open, control lights checked, a red bulb icon in the lower right of the taskbar.  I have my network preferences set correctly.  My unit id is 08 and my prop is set to unit id 08.  When I try to play the sequence, the prop doesn't work.  Though, if I click on the sequence grid (ie click an individual grid on the the motion effect row for eyes open), the eyes light up on the prop. 

A little background on the prop I am trying to light up-  I am new with working on singing faces.  I just got some Gilbert Engineering singing pumpkins and I am using the pre-defined prop definition.  I am trying to sequence the singing pumpkin and I did a small part of the song and i wanted to see how it looks.  The pre-defined prop has motion effects for open eyes, closed eyes, open mouth, etc.  I am not sure if the motion effects have something to do withe the control lights feature not working.  Hope this makes sense.

My current software/license level is current in my profile.


Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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