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Pixel Question from someone who has no pixel clue!


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I am making a wireframe submarine for my wife.  I have a bunch of pixels that were gifted to me, but they resemble a c9 bulb.  Pop off the plastic "bulb" and there is a small plastic puck with what looks like two leds in it.  Picture below.  I want to remove the plastic bulbs on them all and use the pucks on the wireframe.  The pucks look to be encapsulated well so I don't think that moisture would be a problem with the bulb caps removed.  Now the question.

Since there are two leds on the single circuit card in the puck, would that be considered one or two pixels aka puck 1 would be pixel 1 and 2, puck 2 would be three and four, or is it still just 1 number per puck.  I know I will have to make a custom prop in the preview, so I want to get the numbers right.  I am ASSUMING puck one is pixel one, puck two is pixel two....

This will be used on a pixie4 that I already have, that's been controlling a huge😁 sum of 88 pixels already! LOL!



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5 hours ago, TheDucks said:

Treat as a Single node (RGB), 2 chips is for more light

Thank you!

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