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Shining Bright and Share the Show Contest Winners 2022!


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Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions of our 2022 Shining Bright and Share the Show Contests! If you see your name on this list as a winner, be sure to check your email for more information about using your prize. See all of the winner and honorable mention videos by clicking here.


Shining Bright Winners:

Category 1: Justin A.
Category 2: David B.
Category 3: David A.
Category 4: Melissa B.
Category 5: Arman P.
Category 6: Carrie J.
Category 7: Steve M.
Category 8: Colton W.
Category 9: Daniel A.


Share the Show Winners (Random Drawing):

Aidan C.
Bob M.
Craig M.
David H.
Jesus C.
Marc G.
Michael T.
Mike G.
Stephen C.
Zachary C.


Shining Bright Honorable Mention:

Barry W.
Bart M.
Bill W.
Bruce B.
Christopher S.
David J.
David R.
Denis L.
Jason M.
Kyle S.
Luke K.
Marty B.
Matt S.
Missy L.
Neil S.
Nichlas H.
Niklas A.
Nuno F.
Robert W.
Tony D.

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