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Sequencing a Prop-Alternative to Dragging In a Row?

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Finally starting my first simple sequence & not sure if program is just touchy or if having an issue with my mouse. I'm wanting a prop outline all on during the melody of a song & when I click on the start cell & drag, it goes ok for awhile & then the start of the yellow box becomes unhighlighted & starts again behind my mouse pointer. I read through every S5 page the last 2 days & couldn't find an alternative option. Wondered if there was a way to click on the start cell & then the cell where I want to end it & fill it somehow. Is that possible? I'm all LED.


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Standard Windows program operation.  Left Click in first box, move to end of where you want to select.  Shift Left click to select everything in between.


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Duh! Was going to ask about copying a section to a like section & did it first & worked so answered both. Thanks much!!

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