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Adding a second controller

Rob Bartlett

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I had one controller last year and needed help setting it up. So of course, I add a second controller this year and can't figure out how to add it either. Is it me or are all of the LOR instructions very vague. Probably just me.

If there are instructions for the simple person like me, can someone please point me in the right direction. Better yet, if anyone is willing to walk me through it on the phone, I am willing to use my dime to call you where every you may be.

Thank you, Rob.

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I just reset the second controller to "02" and then clicked "refresh" on the "select unit to conigure." It is still telling me there is only one controller.

As for the CAT5 cable, I have the first controller plugged into the first CAT5 spot and then a second CAT5 cable in the spot next to it on the right which runs to the sencond controller. It is plugged in the first CAT5 spot on the second controller. Not sure sure if that is right.

I am sure it is something simple to fix it.

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