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First Night Fiasco

Brian Mitchell

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Hold on folks this gets complicated.
First the backgound.
Upgraded to S2 this year.
I run a pretty complicated show. I have 12 songs mixed into 8 animated shows and 20 static shows that play different music between the animated shows. The shows are all scheduled for 7 or 8 minutes each. I also play just music for the rest of the night and day for the radio.

I almost forgot to open and save my entire song playlist to upgrade all the sequences to S2, but did that this week.

I enabled the show earlier in the day and the music played perfect all day.

Tonight opening night.
Lights come on and first animated show runs without a hitch. Then the first static show starts (Each static show consists of x10 turning on certain static parts of the display, a background sequence for all the LOR lights and 4 or 5 songs and voiceovers) All that would play were the 2 ID voiceovers, over and over and over. No songs would play and x10 didn't turn on the parts it was supposed to.

When the next animated show rolled around, it played perfect. Then the next static show and nothing but voiceovers again.

Needless to say. I was baffled. I went in, disabled the show and tried different things ,that hadn't played, in the sequencer and they all worked fine. I resaved a couple of them to make sure they had upgraded to S2 and then re-enabled the show.
I got the same results thru the next round. I still had no idea what was going on but since I knew the animated songs were all working , I quickly set up a one day show on the calender to play all 12 songs looping for the night and enabled the show.
This played perfectly all night.

Traffic was heavy and we were busy all night and, still baffled, I tried to think of what could be the common factor in making the songs not play. Remember, these are songs with no animation and only one unassigned channel in the sequence.

About 10 pm I think I figured it out.
In the show editor, when I was setting up my shows for the year, I would add in all the new voiceovers and id's and delete all the older ones. I would leave the songs in the shows from last year. Now I never thought about it but it seems that the show player goes and gets the lor1 version of the song even though I have resaved them all in S2. As I thought about it, the only things that were playing in the shows were items that I had added to the shows this year. The other items were all being skipped including the x10 sequences.

I'm going into each of my 20 static shows and deleting and re-adding every song and sequence that was carried over from last years show. Hopefully this will now grab the newer versions of each sequence. I did half tonight and will test it tomorrow and if it isn't the solution, I'll be back begging for help. But I'm thinking this may be what is causing some of the "sequences won't play in show" complaints I've been hearing from quite a few people this year.

After about 4 hours of listening and watching the songs looping constantly, I started to go a bit batty. I gotta have breaks in my show. I cant take the constant flash flash all night.

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The problem is fixed. Deleting and re-adding the songs did the trick. So here is my bit of advice.

If you upgraded from LOR1 to S2 this year:

Make sure you open and save ALL the sequences you use in your show so they will upgrade to S2

Rebuild all your shows in the show editor from scratch.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program..............................................

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Thanks for the info. I downloaded several sequences from the fourms and I have not been able to get them to work. If I open a downloaded show and then copied and pasted them into a new file then they will work for me.

It would be eaiser to just open them and then save them to the S2 upgrade. I will have to give it a try.

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