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Greetings all. 

Been lurking on the forum for a while this year, but I thought it was time I actually posted something, so here's my song for this year, and also my winning LOR show from last year. My first year working with a LOR system was certainly an interesting one, but I managed (with help) to clear most or all of the hurdles I needed to get to this point. Trying to go from analog DMX to LOR DMX was a bit of a transition, all while also having to learn LOR 6.1.6 PRO at the same time. hehe. But hope you enjoy the show! Happy Holidays all! Thanks again to Light O Rama for hosting the contest that helped make all of this possible!

"Something More to Say" -2022 - Category 2 Entry

"Joy to the World" - 2021 Category 1 Winner


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